The Land of Rovers

Drive just a few miles in any direction from the downtown bustle of Burlington, Vermont, and you’ll be in the figurative middle of nowhere. The landscape opens up to rolling pasture, lazy two. . .

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Come Hunt with Us

Standing on the ridge I looked across a sea of grass with mountain islands here and there, the distance defined only by the last jagged range in sight. “How far are those?”

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Blackberry Farm II: An Adventure for the Senses

Written by: Lucinda Jamison

Fall in Tennessee is a vibrant artist’s palette. A blaze of bright hues burnishes the hill, and even the trees have colorful names—red maple, yellow buckeye, black cherry, blue beech. Flashes of brilliance flit by as the brightly feathered cardinals and tanagers, bluebirds, and goldfinches. . .

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How to Pack the Best Travel Clothes for Women

Written by: Deb German

Wrinkle-Free-Three-Quarter-Sleeved Shirt
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Packing the best travel clothing is as much about dressing in layers as it is about the specific women’s travel wardrobe you choose.

This is a cautionary tale of sorts, a manifesto for the woman with wanderlust. I’ve had occasion to travel alone for lengthy visits to New York City several times in recent years, but did not possess a stitch of women’s travel clothing, unseasoned as I was. In my defense, I got smarter each time, but also broke a few cardinal travel rules: I packed a mountain of clothing in an enormous, unwieldy bag; almost everything I brought needed pressing when I arrived; and I stupidly purchased stylish, new shoes for my first trip. That last bit was possibly the most poorly conceived decision of all. My feet suffered needlessly for days because of it, even after I abandoned the offending shoes.

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