Video: What Would Hank Do? Episode IV, Pebble Mine Edition

Warning: Some folks may find this video offensive.

America’s most beloved fly-fishing guide has some rather strong and. . .um. . .unique opinions about the proposed Pebble Mine. As you might expect, he’s not shy about sharing them. Whether you agree with his. . .

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EPA Announces That It Will Consider Blocking Pebble Mine

Today’s announcement is another victory in the battle to stop Pebble Mine, but the war isn’t over.
Photo by Pat Clayton

Two days ago, we asked you to send an email to the Environmental Protection Agency, asking that the agency use its authority to protect Bristol Bay from the dangers proposed by Pebble Mine. Today, the EPA announced today that it is invoking its authority under the Clean Water Act to determine whether it should. . .

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TU Asks Anglers to Tell the EPA to Protect Bristol Bay

The fight to save the salmon of Bristol Bay could take a big step forward if the EPA invokes the Clean Water Act.
Photo by Pat Clayton

Today, Trout Unlimited sent out an action alert to its members, calling on them to send an email or letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, asking her to start a Clean Water Act 404(c) process in Bristol Bay immediately. Sending the email is ridiculously easy: All you have to do is. . .

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Photo Essay: An Argument Against Pebble Mine from the Ground and the Air

The proposed site for Pebble Mine is a near the headwaters of important salmon habitat.
All photos by Pat Clayton

[Editor’s note: Last April, we posted about photographer Pat Clayton‘s goal to spend the summer in Alaska to photograph the region threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine. Here is his second set of images and thoughts on the experience.]

Featuring waterways that stretch as far as the eye can see in all directions, Bristol Bay is a living organism where fresh, clean water is the blood that pumps life into. . .

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Video: What is the Value of 1,000 Miles of Trout Habitat?

The more habitat opened to spawning, the more fish like this Bonneville cutthroat trout anglers can pursue.
photo courtesy Trout Unlimited

A couple weeks ago, we announced the recipients of 2014 fishingsifu Customer Matching Grants to Protect Nature, and on the list was the fishingsifu/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign. Here’s a great video that. . .

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fishingsifu Announces Four Recipients of 2014 fishingsifu Customer Matching Grants to Protect Nature

The fishingsifu/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign is focused on repairing or replacing poorly constructed culverts.
Photo by

As most of you surely know, fishingsifu commits 5% of pre-tax profits to protecting and sustaining the natural world—not only now, but for all who follow. Each year, the company and its customers support specific causes through the. . .

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EPA Report: Pebble Mine will Damage $1.5 Billion Bristol Bay Fishery in Spectacular Alaska Landscape

The EPA assessment outlines serious threats to Alaska’s sockeye-salmon population.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s final Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment (BBWA), released today, shows that large-scale mining in the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed would immediately cause the loss of 90 miles of salmon spawning waters and be potentially devastating to the entire drainage and its. . .

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