Video: Kids Reintroducing Brook Trout to a Stream

[Editor’s note: We’ve posted before about this great youth organization in Upstate New York (see here), and Alberto Rey recently sent us the video above.]

A few days ago, the children and parents of the Sportfishing and Aquatic Resource Educational Programming (S.A.R.E.P.) Youth Fly-Fishing Program participated in their annual ritual of reintroducing brook trout back into their local stream, Canadaway Creek. The mature brookies are ready to spawn when they are placed near. . .

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Salt River Study: Fish, Ditches & Pelicans

Written by: Jim Gregory

A WY Game & Fish employee holds a healthy trout from the Salt River
Photo by Trout Unlimited

Everyone who has been around irrigation water for very long knows that fish sometimes end up in canals and ditches. But how many fish end up there, what becomes of them, and how it affects the fish population are much more difficult questions, and answers vary widely between canals. Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Game and. . .

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Video: The Alaska Nutrient Cycle

When we talk of stopping projects such as Pebble Mine, we often focus on the human-centric effects—such as lost sport-fishing opportunities, the collapse of a centuries-old way of life, etc.—but here’s a beautiful video that looks at the salmon’s place in the nutrient cycle of the. . .

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Runnin’ On Sunshine

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team knows a thing or two about clean energy and innovative technology. With an impressive seven National Championships under their belt, . . .

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An Upstream Journey, Dispatch #10: Pebble is Not the Only Mine Endangering Salmon

Written by Paul Moinester

My view from the airplane shows what is endangered by the proposed coal mine.
All photos by Paul Moinester

Peering out the window of the plane, I took a deep breath and tried to soak it all in. The sun was glistening on the expansive mudflats, casting a bright glow over the pristine landscape. To the west, the Alaska Range was commandeering the sky, its snowcapped peaks piercing the. . .

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Great National Geographic Story on Fishing and Climate Change

The effects of climate change are already apparent on rivers in many regions.
Photo via

Earlier this month, I was contacted by a writer named Ben Jervis who told me that he was working on an online piece for National Geographic about climate change and fly fishing. Since I don’t consider myself an. . .

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Breaking News: One of the Companies Developing Pebble Mine Backs Out. . .But the Battle Is NOT Over

The Pebble Mine project threatens one of the world’s most prolific fisheries.

Opponents of the Pebble Mine project—which would see a monstrous gold, copper, and molybdenum mine built in the breeding ground of the last great wild salmon run, in Alaka’s Bristol Bay—received some welcome news today when mining giant Anglo American announced that it was pulling out of the project. An article in today’s Anchorage Daily News quotes company CEO Mark Cutfani, explaining the. . .

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Photos of the Day: Trout Fishing in Greece?

This beautiful native Greek brown needs protection from poachers.
Photo by Dimitri

I received a fascinating email from a Greek angler named Dimitri today.This is interesting for two reasons: 1. I’ve never met a Greek fly fisherman, although I assumed they existed, and 2. I’ve never seen photos of Greek trout or rivers. Here’s Dimitri’s account of his fly-fishing world. (I have edited for clarity.): . . .

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